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Resident COVID-19 Vaccine News

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has partnered with CVS to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to residents of senior living communities, including Amarsi Assisted Living. This email contains information and instructions to receive the vaccine…

Positive COVID-19 Resident

I am sure you have seen news about the uptick in the COVID positive cases in the country.  Through our testing on new residents, we learned that we have resident that has tested positive for the virus.  The resident has been isolated since admission and will continue to be isolated following local health department and CDC guidance.  The resident is not currently experiencing any signs or symptoms of the virus.

COVID-19 Update

We are continuing to do periodic global testing of our staff and residents so we can catch any new outbreak of the virus as early as possible and prevent further spread. In the course of one of our latest global testing, we learned that a resident has tested positive.  The resident is not currently evidencing any signs or symptoms but is currently being isolated and observed for any health related changes.

COVID-19 Update

We wanted to provide you another update for what is going on in our community related to COVID-19. We are happy to report that we have reached 1 month without any new positive COVID findings for our residents or staff.

Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

We wanted to provide you an update for Amarsi Assisted Living. We have learned that two employees have tested positive for the virus. However, one individual has not been in the facility since June 17th and the other since June 18th, 2020. We have had one resident that tested positive yesterday for the virus after being sent out for care due to showing a sign or symptom of the virus. We have a second resident that has also been tested due to showing signs and symptoms, and we are still waiting on results. 

Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

At Amarsi Assisted Living, we’re committed to keeping you up-to-date and informed, especially during the turbulent times caused by COVID-19. One of our residents has been diagnosed positive with COVID-19.

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