Positive COVID-19 Resident

November 17th 2020


Residents, Families and Partners:


I am sure you have seen news about the uptick in the COVID positive cases in the country.  Through our testing on new residents, we learned that we have resident that has tested positive for the virus.  The resident has been isolated since admission and will continue to be isolated following local health department and CDC guidance.  The resident is not currently experiencing any signs or symptoms of the virus.

While we hope that this latest surge of cases in the country will not hit Arizona, we are continuing to take all precautions to prevent or mitigate the spread of the virus.

We encourage all residents (and urge families to encourage residents) to:

  • Wear masks when outside of their rooms;
  • Engage in good hand hygiene; and
  • Practice social distancing when outside of their rooms.

We are still monitoring all residents for signs and symptoms of the virus or any other health changes.  We will notify resident’s primary care providers and responsible parties if any changes are noted and discuss next steps.

We will update you if any changes related to COVID occur in our Community.  Please reach out with questions, concerns, or requests for assistance.


Jennifer Cisneros
Executive Director